Intelligent PBM for Workers’ Comp

Leading Edge Pharmacy Benefit Management

Script Logic provides innovative tools and practical experience to address the entire continuum of care through a seamless, fully-integrated workers’ compensation Pharmacy Benefit Management program.

The #1 Reported Problem in Workers’ Comp PBM is COMPLEXITY:

Patients risk opioid and other abuses

Drug interactions/ complications threaten cost containment

Outside vendors are controlling the process

Proving the ROI of clinical services is difficult

3rd parties don’t always have your best interests in mind

What’s YOUR Biggest PROBLEM Right Now?

Script Logic has identified the need to provide solutions that meet the needs of eligible injured parties and the needs of workers’ compensation payers with real technology, real innovation, superior solutions, and total care.

Script Logic Provides WC PBM Solutions:

With our extensive network of over 67,000 retail pharmacies, and an emphasis on relationship to cut costs and improve quality of life, we are proud to offer pharmacy solutions that are both scalable and cost-contained. At Script Logic, everything you need, including top-notch ancillary, clinical and pharmacy solutions, is found under one roof. With data that can be linked directly to outcomes, we provide result-oriented ease of use for adjusters, pharmacies and injured workers.

Plus, proprietary programs for new ways to save.

SL DI 360™ Integrates Medication Management with Continuing Care

  • InteroperabilityReal-time medication reconciliation promotes successful care transitions
  • Longitudinal DataCan be linked directly to outcomes
  • Work Flow IntegrationUI supports team-based medication management

We’re Everything a PBM Has to Offer & THEN SOME

Why Work with Us?

Script Logic brings proprietary platforms and innovative partnership data sets so that medication management may be incorporated into the patient’s on-going care and information is shared across the care continuum.

Why We’re Different

Experienced Leadership

Our dynamic and experienced leadership team has a very successful track record specific to the workers’ compensation PBM space.

Data Analytics

Script Logic brings innovative partnership data sets so that medication management may be incorporated into the patient’s on- going care, and information is shared across the care continuum.

Technology Innovation

Script Logic’s proprietary platforms include AI-powered analytics and smart phone technology like Pharm-assist.

Outcome Based

We are focused on improving your outcomes at every step of the process– from prevention to negotiated savings on predicted costs, to identifying the riskiest cases and providing the insights to help you close them.


Script Logic has strong relationships in the marketplace, from the payers to the pharmacies, to the brokers, which pays dividends as it relates to company contracts and the ability to pass on competitive pricing.

Cost Savings

Our patient-centric clinical intervention program reduces the risk and the cost of complex workers’ compensation drug therapies.

That’s 3+ Ways to Save!

Not All Data is Equal

Our clinical platform provides robust predictive modeling capabilities. Adjusters receive patient data and actionable information in real time.

What’s the Power of Data?

  1. Basic cost containment targeting tool
  2. Solve individual use cases
  3. Sets reserves
  4. Predictive analytics for strategy and planning
  5. Insights into custom solutions

Script Logic Key Differentiators

SL DI 360

  • Comprehensive review of drug interaction
  • Goes well beyond WC prescriptions
  • Improves provider effectiveness
  • Weeds out dangerous interactions
  • Holistic view of drug history

Bill Review

  • Comprehensive approach provides solution for Out of Network Bills
  • Reduces cost of OON and non-retail pharmacy bills to fee schedule or below
  • Visibility created into point of sale conversion and home delivery candidates
  • Applies business edits to every type of OON bill
  • Supports Clinical Review specific to diagnosis

AI-Powered Analytics

  • Actionable intelligence
  • Smart notifications
  • On-demand dashboard

Who We Work With


We work with payers, brokers, health care professionals and organizations in the workers’ compensation industry to provide customized pharmacy benefit management (PBM). If you’re not in love with your current PBM solution for workers’ comp, JOIN US for an audit and we’ll show you the value of Script Logic.


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