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Through pharmacy, clinical and ancillary services, Script Logic provides innovative tools and practical experience to address the entire continuum of care through a seamless, fully-integrated workers’ compensation pharmacy benefit management (PBM) program. Ensuring ease of use for adjusters and pharmacies as well as a smoother experience for injured workers, we focus on improving your outcomes at every step of the process.

Programs & Benefits

Pharmacy Services

  • Retail pharmacy network of over 67,000 participating pharmacies
  • Home delivery program via mail or courier
  • Medication Insight Program™ | Real-time, outcome-oriented clinical program
  • Formulary development and management
  • Brand generic conversion

Clinical Services

  • Supported data | Provides robust predictive modeling capabilities— adjusters receive patient data and actionable information in real time
  • Pharmacy regimen review | Alerts prescribers about suspicious prescribing patterns, clinical issues and alternative drug therapies; notifies patients about safer and better use of medication
  • Peer review | Reconsideration and assessment of patients’ drug regimen by another clinician and/or identification of evidence-based alternatives
  • Collaborative objectives | Works to meet the needs of both workers’ compensation payers and injured parties

Ancillary Services

  • Auto | Contain costs and increase customer satisfaction through the seamless prescription coverage eligibility process for auto accident claimants
  • Physical therapy | Provides outpatient physical therapy for injured party, including weekly status reports to ensure proper utilization
  • Home health | Coordinates post discharge needs, including nursing, wound care, companion care and more
  • Durable medical equipment | Coordinates DME services for injured party, including products and services for post-op recovery, prosthetics and orthotics, mobility and electrotherapy
  • Transportation/translation | Provides dependable emergency and non-emergency transportation services; offer 200+ languages for interpretation services
  • Diagnostic | Fosters timely treatment of injured party, including scheduling and report delivery

Taking our programs one step further with SLDI 360™

SL DI 360™ Integrates Medication Management with Continuing Care

  • InteroperabilityReal-time medication reconciliation promotes successful care transitions
  • Longitudinal DataCan be linked directly to outcomes
  • Work Flow IntegrationUI supports team-based medication management

SLDI 360™ Leverages Medication Management across Payer and Provider Programs

PBM Support Services

  • Adjudication
  • Data management
  • Pharmacy networks
  • Clinical services
  • Account management services
  • Rebate administration

Proven Adjudication Platform

  • Transition claims
  • Cross-over claims
  • Point of sale rebates
  • Pass through – “Lowest Of” pricing
  • Processing time < 1 second
  • MediSpan pricing source
  • Unit of use adjudication for minimum package sizes


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