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Script Logic’s executive team, after working in the workers’ compensation PBM world, identified the need to provide solutions that meet the needs of eligible injured parties and the needs of workers’ compensation payers with real technology, real innovation, customizable solutions and total care.


Retail pharmacy network of over 67,000 participating pharmacies

Clinical Services

Proactive management of out-of-network spend: third-party bills, physician dispensers and bill review

Ancillary Services

Quality providers and cost-effective programs for medical equipment, language services, home care, physical medicine and more.

Who We Are

Our leadership team is comprised of industry veterans who have a significant track-record in entrepreneurial and executive management, as well as the workers’ compensation pharmacy benefit management marketplace.

With 32 years of entrepreneurial experience and over 20 years of IT experience, the Script Logic leadership team brings experience, training, credentials, accomplishments and qualifications.

= Innovation and relationship working together!

Script Logic


With a significant track-record in entrepreneurial and executive management, and the WC pharmacy benefit management marketplace, the Script Logic all-star leadership team brings: diversity, experience, training, credentials, accomplishments, and qualifications:

  • Specialty in product development, sales, marketing, business development, operations, IT, project management, content management, medical management, and infrastructure
  • Execution of strategic growth plans as senior or C-level executives
  • Experience leading numerous companies from a startup phase to exceeding 100M in annual revenue
  • Focus on valuable and long-lasting relationships with key individuals and executives

Script Logic



  • In program vs. transactions
  • That trust and relationship is good business
  • That technology innovation provides the winning edge
  • In answering your call
  • In providing an Account Manager to work for you
  • In tailoring your program to you (whatever size you may be)
  • In deploying proven cost containment processes
  • That people come first!


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